Intelligent Data Platform for a Healthcare Service

An intelligent data driven decision making platform was made for a large scale healthcare network.

National Health Emergency Analytics Platform

Addo AI strengthens COVID-19 response with a data platform, real-time reporting, AI/ML capabilities, and specialized training.

Demand Forecasting for a Travel Retail Company

Addo AI optimizes inventory and logistics with data-driven demand forecasting for businesses.

Smart Citizen Services - Addo

ADDO AI was selected to design an innovative program for the Dubai government to pilot a platform

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) - Addo

We are leading a highly strategic and innovative project for SMRT, Singapore's largest public transportation provider.

Credit Risk Assessment for Thin File Customers

Addo AI automates micro-loan approvals by leveraging alternative data for credit assessment in a microfinance bank.

Energy Company's Predictive Maintenance and Optimization

Addo AI enables real-time predictive maintenance for machines and compressors.

Automated HR Solution for Digital Onboarding of Drivers

Addo AI automates driver onboarding with AI-powered ID verification.

Automated Quality Audit for a Telecommunications Firm

Addo AI automates agent performance evaluation for customer care calls through AI techniques.

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