Dr. Faisal Kamiran at the World Bank Research Innovation Award Ceremony in Washington DC, US, along with the World Bank Former President Jim Yong Kim, and other notable luminaries.

Recipient of the World Bank Research Innovation Award for his work on gender-based violence.

Dr. Faisal Kamiran won the World Bank innovation award worth $100,000 in Spring 2017 (conducted in collaboration with Urban Institute, Washington DC) for his research and innovation in data science and artificial intelligence to prevent and respond to gender-based violence on the planning for public transport. The award was based on a highly competitive global process.

Dr Faisal receives award for his PhD in AI and data mining.

winner of the best student paper award in 2009 IEEE international conference on data mining workshops.

In his publication, Dr. Faisal Kamiran explored the intricacies of classifier learning, addressing a critical issue where input data exhibited unjustified dependencies between attributes and class labels. These dependencies often arose from diverse data sources or biased decision processes, leading to undesirable consequences when training classifiers directly. In response, Dr. Kamiran's paper introduced the concept of "classification with independence constraints." The objective was to develop accurate models that ensured predictions remained independent of specific binary attributes. Within the publication, two innovative solutions were proposed and empirically validated, shedding light on a crucial aspect of machine learning and data analysis.

Dr. Faisal Kamiran at a press conference,

Addo ACKNOWLEDGEd by FORBES as one of ‘Four Companies Using AI To Transform The World’.

Dr. Faisal Kamiran, President and Co-founder of Addo, has gained recognition as Forbes named Addo one of the 'four up-and-coming AI companies in Asia to watch.' In a region where AI is gaining momentum, startups like Addo are exploring how AI can empower individuals to make better decisions, enhance financial security, enable more effective learning, and provide accurate disease diagnoses. Addo, under Dr. Kamiran’s leadership launched a pilot program in Lahore, Pakistan, which aimed at assisting farmers to improve crop yields. By utilizing historical and real-time data, collected through satellites and hyperspectral imaging, the team at Addo provided planting, harvesting, and crop management recommendations to Pakistani farmers who had insured their seeds through the program, aiming to enhance outcomes and mitigate risks for both farmers and lenders.

awarded FUNDING for 'Disease Monitoring and Early Warning System' project from Higher Education Commission Pakistan.

Dr. Faisal Kamiran's 'Disease Monitoring and Early Warning System' project, affiliated with the Information Technology University and funded with 35,000 USD by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan since January 2018, has gained recognition for its excellence. The project aims to develop an advanced disease monitoring and outbreak prediction system by employing a holistic approach, including data analysis, validation, integration, data science techniques, visualization, and machine learning. Its goal is to provide crucial insights to health administrators, ultimately enhancing public health practices and healthcare services. Dr. Kamiran's commitment to data-driven healthcare solutions has earned this project acclaim for its potential to positively impact public health.

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