Dr. Faisal Kamiran is a visionary leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning and is well-known for his roles as a tech expert, entrepreneur, and educationist. His strong belief in the modernization of business using cutting-edge technologies has allowed him to hone his skills as a tech entrepreneur which became a catalyst in the co-creation of Addo in 2017. Dr. Kamiran currently serves as the president of the company which has been recognized by Forbes as one of ‘four companies using AI to transform the world’.

As an entrepreneur, he has led numerous highly impactful data and AI projects, as well as digital transformation initiatives for several Fortune 500 companies. His primary objective has been to assist businesses by leveraging the potential of data and enhancing the lives of consumers through effective digital transformation. With a decade of experience, he has overseen influential projects spanning various industries; including healthcare, finance, retail, telecom, transport and government, providing them with innovative data-driven solutions. A few notable large-scale projects include enterprise digital strategy development, streamlining customer-support services via Gen AI, operational optimization for large-scale enterprises, fraud-detection, and more.

Tech Expertise and Notable Achievements

Dr. Kamiran’s work has received international recognition, and has been covered by main-stream media such as Forbes, Voice of America, (VoA), The Dawn News, and The Express Tribune. He has engaged in a number of big-league initiatives including being a key member of the task force entrusted with developing a national AI strategy for Pakistan. The key objective of the task force is to develop a 10-year roadmap for accelerated adoption of AI in the business, development, governance, education and healthcare sectors.

His innovations to prevent and respond to gender-based violence using state-of-the-art data science and artificial intelligence techniques also earned him the prestigious and highly competitive innovation award by The World Bank Group (Read more) and SVRI. Adding to his list of accolades, his developed bias-aware AI algorithms have been applied by The Dutch Department of Justice (WODC) and The Dutch Central Bureau of Statistic (CBS) to avoid racial and gender discrimination in the models they develop to support the decision-makers in The Netherlands, and are now part of IBM’s Open Source Library to validate the fairness of artificial intelligence algorithms.

Scholarly Escapades

Dr. Kamiran received his Ph.D. from The Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands in 2011. Complementing further towards his research career, he joined King Abdullah University of Science and Technology as a postdoctoral research fellow. He has served as the dean and chairperson of the Computer Science department at ITU and is currently an associate professor and the director of Data Science Lab, and Crime Investigation and Prevention Lab.

Dr. Kamiran’s research interest lies in bias-aware AI, text-mining of regional languages, graph-mining and generative AI. He has published 3 book chapters and around 50- refereed papers in various prestigious journals and conferences. His publication list includes four ICDM (A*) papers and several other high-quality papers in ECML/PKDD, CIKM, PAKDD, EMNLP, KAIS, TKDD, WWW, JIIS, IJIM, NLE. According to Google Scholar, Dr. Kamiran’s H-index is 20 and i10-Index is 26, and his research work has 4000+ citations.

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